love_note (love_note) wrote in tommyland,

The tracklisting for Tommy's new solo album (due out the 9th of August) has been released:

01. Good Times (feat. Butch Walker)
02. Hello Again (feat. Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate)
03. Tryin' to be Me (feat. Chad Kroeger of Nickelback)
04. Sister Mary (feat. Carl Bell of Fuel)
05. The Butler
06. Tired (feat. Joel Madden of Good Charlotte)
07. I Need You (feat. Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate)
08. Make Believe
09. Makin' Me Crazy (feat. Dirty Harry)
10. Watch You Lose
11. Say Goodbye (feat. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys)
12. Hello Again
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thanks dude, i had no idea he was making another one. i'll have to go buy it...
Yeah... make sure you check it out. :)