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Today's the day! Anyone wanna share opinions/favorite tracks on the album?? :D

It's a lot softer and more laid back than I was expecting, which is by no means a bad thing at all. At the moment Sister Mary's my fave track :D
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I need money. Very badly right now... so it's laid back? That's cool. I cannot wait till I get it. :-D
Aw man! I'd be willing to just buy it for you, hehee. It's only like 7 bucks at Target I think :D
AMAZING... very different from Never A Dull Moment...I love the fact that he's taking all these risks, makes him all the more sexier... :) I love Sister Mary as well...

By the way, I write for a local paper, anyone know how I could get in touch with Tommy Lee or his management to possibly set up an interview?
The new album isn't too bad. I like has othet album Never A Dull Moment the best. But I love Good Times on the new cd.